BTD R&D projects 2017

In 2016, BTD had the opportunity to work on numerous innovative R&D projects for well-known automobile manufacturers - most of them under nondisclosure, of course. Thanks to our experience with renewable energies, we are continuing to get involved in an  innovative R&D project, supported by the Belgian Walloon Region.

Cosmoz - Natural gas (CNG) driven engines

As a member of a competence center composed by specialised companies, universities and organizations, BTD continues in 2017 it's collaboration in the Cosmoz project that started 2012. Cosmoz works on the development, the production and the testing of new direct fuel injection systems for natural gas (CNG) driven engines and dual fuel engines.

Gazo&Cie - Biomass gasification driven engines

That in 2012 started project Gazo&Cie was completed by the end of last year . It was supported by the Belgian Walloon Region and in close cooperation with the UCL (Catholic University Louvain). Gazo&Cie realises all the analysis and outputs that are needed to develop and product biomass gasification driven engines. Those should work without a laborious cleaning of the absorbed gas.

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