Supercharging systems

CO2 emission reduction and downsizing of internal combustion engines.

Emissions reduction & downsizing while maintaining performance

Supercharging systems are an important tool for reducing CO2 emissions or for downsizing internal combustion engines.

Efficient, small engines need specially adapted supercharging systems. For turbochargers, turbocharger compressors or combined supercharging systems, our services include:

  • manufacturing,
  • balancing,
  • assembly,
  • testingund

We also adapt new turbocharger systems to existing engine systems (production and procurement of the components required). The development of prototype turbochargers of course requires the use of efficient balancing techniques.

State-of-the-art balancing machines for turbocharger systems

Our technical infrastructure for turbocharger system compressors fulfils all the requirements for:

  • balancing individual components – low-speed balancing
  • high-speed balancing up to 200,000 rpm for the entire mid-section
  • developing of shafts and exhaust components (turbine, compressor wheels, turbine scroll, compressor housing)

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