Engine technology

Breuer Technical Development (B.T.D.) is a service provider for drive system development. Our services include:

From motor racing to research & development of engines and drive systems


Formation of the family company BREUER TECHNICAL DEVELOPMENT (B.T.D.) with its main activity in Belgian car racing (rallying).


Increase in requests for development assignments with the obligation of confidentiality from the automotive industry.


Start of the first research project for hybrid technology.

Movement of B.T.D. headquarters from Manderfeld (B) to the industrial park at Malmedy (B) and renewal of the full infrastructure.

Focus on development of alternative drive systems.


Full modernisation of the test beds and acquisition of new systems in order to meet higher and more specific requirements.


Acquisition and installation of a single-cylinder engine test cell.


Acquisition of turbocharger balancing equipment: for balancing single components such as turbine and compressor wheels as well as entire mid-sections.


Various research projects in collaboration with different universities and companies and supported by the Belgian Walloon Region.


New competitiveness and capacity in the field of development and prototyping as also for testing and measurements of natural gas driven engines - enabled by the new gas installation (chromatograph) and our modern equipment for emission measurements.


Test bench equipment with new multi-channel indexing systems.


Installation of a cold chamber test cell that enables engines or components to be tested at temperatures as low as -25°C.

To comply with the new EU Directives on reducing pollution: acquisition and commissioning of a particle counter.


Conversion and expansion of test bed capacity to a total of four asynchronous machines.

Acquisition and commissioning a new gas analysis system.


To meet the increased demands of the market: complete renewal of the test bench automation and commissioning of a fifth dynamic test bench.

Commissioning of a bearing test bench designed and developed by BTD for tribological tests.

BTD collaborates with :

der Ministerium der Französischen Gemeinschaft Belgiens awex CarEV Pole MecaTech