Measurement technology at the test beds

Standard measurements are performed at fully equipped test beds capable of running continuously for endurance testing. Depending on the test requirements, various additional measurement systems are connected to the test bed environment:

  • Exhaust gas measurement with high resolution and repeatability (CO/NOx/CO2/HC, etc). Measurement synchronisation, mean value calculation, calculation of minimum/maximum values, graphic representation and limit value monitoring for online data.
  • Emission cycles: ECE, WLTP, ... as well engine cold start emission measurement
  • Analysis of natural gas composition by gas chromatograph
  • Soot measurement: particles counter
  • Multi-channel indexing systems
  • INKA software for the optimisation of control devices (ECU – Engine Control Unit)
  • Turbocharger rotational speed
  • Oil dilution & oil consumption measurement

Test records and certificates

It goes without saying that we provide the corresponding records for all tests and test bed measurements.