Alternative drive systems

Why are alternative drive systems a hot topic in vehicle technology? Vehicles are currently responsible for 12% of all CO2 emissions in EU. How to make our cars more eco-friendly?

Powertrain engineering & energy management

The new legislation to reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions presents new challenges for the automotive industry. To counteract climate change, the EU Commission decreed that the fleet average of 95 gr of Co2 has to be achieved from 2021 on.

In addition to the current trend towards electric drives, which is driven forward by the public authorities, but also partly controversial (significant depletion of rare-earth elements, polluting power production, hazardous waste batteries, range ...), however, there is a significant potential for improvement for the classic internal combustion engine.

How to find alternatives to gasoline and diesel engines

It is essential to reduce the dependence on fossil fuels and to use alternatives:

From the initial idea to small series production

We have the skills to develop new technology for you. Beyond concept thinking, we produce prototype engines right through to small series.

Our main areas in this field are: