Bearing shell test bench - Tribology

HAVCOAT: 2014 – 2016

As a follow-up to the TRIBOFUTUR project, which dealt with developments to optimise material coatings for different fields of application, this project is focused on improving the testing procedure of wear measurements of coated parts based on the development and production of a new bearing shell test bench.

HAVCOAT was financially supported by the Walloon Region and was carried out in cooperation with various companies and universities, jointly forming a Belgian competence centre: Breuer Technical Development, DSI, Namur University, the University of Liège, FN Herstal and JTEKT Torsen Europe S.A.

All sub-components and sub-systems of the bearing shell test bench were designed and built at the offices of BTD:

  • the test bench
  • the drive system
  • the design of all moving parts
  • all assembly components for the electric magnets
  • the lubrication system
  • the air conditioning system and its control system
  • the oil tank with its oil separation system

In addition to all mechanical components, BTD was also responsible for the electronics (control board) and electrics (with the production of the test bench wiring and the electric cabinet) for the bearing shell test bench. BTD constructed a new room especially for the bearing shell test bench.

The bearing shell test bench has already proven its potential in the meantime, as several companies have expressed an interest in carrying out tribological examinations and wear tests and some have awarded contracts.

In order to further increase the application possibilities, BTD has taken the next step of modifying the test bench in such a way that it can also be used for comparing different types of oil. What is more, BTD has continuously further developed and improved the dynamic behaviour of the bearing shell test bench independently. 

At the end of the first semester of 2017, this development and construction phase was almost complete, which means that the first significant tribological tests can now be carried out.