SUPERCHARGING SYSTEMS - BTD develops groundbreaking supercharging systems

BTD's New technical infrastructure for turbocharger systems

One of our key areas of expertise is the development of complete turbocharger systems and single components such as turbine or compressor wheels, turbine scrolls and compressor housings, from single prototypes to low-volume production.

With the installation of our new state-of-the-art turbocharger balancing equipment, BTD can now complete the process chain for the production of the moving parts of turbochargers.

BTD's new technical infrastructure for turbocharger systems meets all requirements for balancing single components and enables high speed balancing to be performed at up to 200,000 rpm for the entire unit.

The new equipment even allows ball-bearing turbochargers and components made of alternative materials to be balanced.  Innovative turbochargers can be better adapted to existing engines or to new engine systems, thus ensuring the best possible end result.

With the development and adaptation of turbochargers, we can help to fulfil the highest standards in meeting the rising demand for turbocharged engines.