C2FUEL - Carbon captured fuel and energy carriers

As part of global efforts to achieve neutral CO2 emissions, the EU is supporting the research project called C2FUEL. The project is led by the ‘ENGIE’ group. 

The C2FUEL partnership gathers the whole value chain necessary for CO2 conversion into carbon-captured energy carriers.

BTD's task in this project is to perform fundamental studies on a 1-cylinder research engine to assess the suitability of the by the C2FUEL partners produced DME as a fuel.

BTD fully designed, build up and further developed this 1-cylinder engine the best suited for this study. BTD is equipped with the technologies needed to collect and analyse data relating to combustion, emissions, performance, and energy related to this engine and this new fuel.

The generated data will give us the opportunity to optimally adjust the settings such as injection, pressures, and the temperatures of the engine to exploit the full potential of the newly produced DME.

Link: A project of the European Union Horizon 2020 Research & Innovation | C2FUEL

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