IPCEI(*) : Hydrogen technology and systems value chain

The energy transition and the transition to a low-carbon economy require a differentiated and complementary energy mix with innovative solutions.

The contribution of BTD is H2ITC : Hydrogen Independent Test Center

The BTD project consists in the building of a new independent test centre for industrial partners and institutions dedicated to hydrogen and E-FUELS for the upcoming market in CO2 neutral transport systems. This includes the possibility for testing fuel cells.

This new centre meets the requirements for the new CO2-neutral drive systems.

With the new BTD 1-cylinder engine, we will expand our know-how in IC powertrains for operation with hydrogen and other e-fuels. With the enlargement of our test capacity, we can realize tests & measurements on drive systems up to 1 MW.

With the project, we can help the transport industry in their developments for low emission and CO2 neutral drive units or to select efficient e-fuels regarding combustion and emission.

(*)IPCEI: Important Projects of Common European Interest

Link: IPCEIs on hydrogen (europa.eu)