Testing and measurement

Testing systems

Measurement testing, trials and evaluations are carried out on our engine test benches and component test benches – for parts, components, prototypes or complete engines that are either developed in-house or provided by external suppliers.

According to the specifications of the orders, we adapt and produce customised measuring systems.

Functional testing

The functionality, structural durability and capacity of individual components and assemblies are specifically tested within the engine.

  • Do they meet the requirements?
  • How do they fulfil their role within the engine?

Endurance & drive tests

Individual components and assemblies are tested with regard to their fatigue strength, performance, durability and emissions. You are provided with a detailed report with analyses of the components that have been subjected to endurance testing. We determine causes and effects and, depending on the customer’s requirements, carry out research to find the best solutions.

Simulation and testing services

Various test beds and measuring processes enable us to achieve your goals.